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Qualified Doctors

We have the best in class qualified doctors to care for your body mechanics.

Extensive Care

We give extensive chiropractic care to our patients in order to keep them fit & fine.

Advanced Equipments

We use advanced & up-to-date machineries to ensure best quality treatment to our patients.

Quality Service

We assure quality service to our patients through qualified doctors & extensive care given by them.

Expert Physiotherapy at Human Mechanic Clinic, Hadapsar, Pune

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At HUMAN MECHANIC Clinic, we are dedicated to offering exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly environment. We are renowned as the premier Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinic situated in Koregaon Park and Hadapsar, Pune. We prioritize the well-being of our patients and ensure their comfort throughout the treatment process. At HUMAN MECHANIC Clinic, we place a strong emphasis on understanding the body mechanics of our patients. Our team of experts meticulously diagnose issues to devise the most effective treatment plans for optimal body mechanics

our services

Recover mobility and strength with personalized exercises and therapies designed to alleviate pain and improve physical well-being.

Chiropractic Care

Experience relief from musculoskeletal issues through gentle adjustments aimed at restoring spinal health and overall vitality.

Posture Correction

Enhance posture, reduce discomfort, and prevent future problems with tailored strategies and exercises for better alignment

Spinal Alignment

Optimize spine health and alleviate pain through expert techniques that ensure proper vertebral alignment and overall well-being.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on therapies to treat musculoskeletal issues, reduce pain, and improve flexibility, restoring your body’s natural balance.

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Anti Stress Therapy

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Children therapy

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Depression Therapy

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Bipolar Disorder

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Take a virtual journey through the Human Mechanic Clinic. Discover our state-of-the-art facilities and patient-focused environment in action.

We Are Recommended By

Dr Sampat Dumbre Patil

Orthopaedic, Foot & Ankle Surgeon Most advanced physiotherapy clinic specifically sports injury.Highly recommended for Tissue Magnetic Simulation therapy (a high power magnetic field) and Laser therapy for acute or chronic heel pain , calcaneum spur and arthritis of knee.

Dr Danish Memon

MD, Physician Highly recommend human mechanic clinic for acute or chronic back and neck pain , vertigo , migraine , headache , they have the most advanced technology for the best results.

Dr Inger Villadsen

Chiropractor (Australia), Masters in Clinical Epidemiology Highly recommended for sports persons or athlete for their sports injuries for performance enhancement through DYNAMIC NEUROMUSCULAR STABILISATION.

Dr Andreas Kopf

Chiropractor, Master of Chiropractic Human mechanic clinic is the best well equipped advanced chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic in pune.

Dr. Sachin Karkamkar

Orthopedic Surgeon, Master of Surgery (M.S) Human mechanic clinic have best Rehabilitation programme for post operative cases of shoulder and knee which leads to early recovery.

Dr Raman Chandrashekhar

Neurosurgeon, MCh & DNB Neurosurgery Human mechanic clinic is one of the best & well equipped spine clinic for non surgical spinal problems & even for post surgical rehabilitation.

Dr Sudarshan Joshi

Physiotherapist, MPT, DOMT (CANADA) Human mechanic clinic has excellent team with chiropractic skills, osteopathy, and advance machines for quick and long lasting recovery.

What Our Patients Say About Us
Rohini Karad
Rohini Karad
Initially I had a lot of neck pain, but after taking few sessions here, I feel a lot better. I was suffering form this problem since 4 years and I also took treatment form different doctors but none worked. But here I felt very good also the doctors are very caring and kind. I would surely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
Anita Danekar
Anita Danekar
Hi i am Anita Danekar I am 52years old. I have so much back pain severe back knee pain also.i can not do anything.but after my physiotherapy i feel so much pain relief.Dr Amisha madam give me the proper treatment that's why I am very thankful for her. Excellent job madam 👍👏 thank you so much 🙏🙏
Prachi Danekar
Prachi Danekar
I visited Human Machanic for lower back issues and after 5 sessions with them I feel absolutely great! Will recommend 100%!
Nigel Dias
Nigel Dias
I had a lot of back pain initially but after taking few session at Human mechanic clinic my pain has completely gone. My experience at this clinic was very good.
Rajendra Rajput
Rajendra Rajput
My wife asha was suffering from back pain. She got recovered really well by Dr.amisha Mishra and whosoever is suffering from back should definitely consult her and take treatment. फिजिओथेरपिमुळे मला खूप बर वाटतय
Manini Lokhande
Manini Lokhande
Great experience!!! I have treated by palak mam who is a really best physio. Treats me wisely and do her best.
atul bhosale
atul bhosale
Awesome clinic , Dr Palak is super supporting and perfectionist too.
Vaishali Deshmane
Vaishali Deshmane
I visited human mechanic clinic for my knee and heel pain. I'm very happy with the treatment given by Dr. Praveen Patil sir and Dr. Palak Agrawal ma'am. Highly recommended.
Sunny Khandale
Sunny Khandale
Consulted Dr. Pravin about my lower back and left leg stiffness, which was relieved gradually in 5 sessions. Dr. Radhika took all Physio sessions and was very supportive with positive behaviour.

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