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Dr. Pravin Patil obtained his Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree from D. Y. PATIL college from Pune. His beliefs and confidence always remained the same throughout his life. He has done his masters of physiotherapy in Sports. Then he continued his further advanced studies of diploma in chiropractic technique from SWEDEN , and diploma in osteopathic manipulative therapy from CANADA , Then he has done Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction(APBC) from UK for quick and accurate results. Then he learned for more advanced technique DYNAMIC NEUROMUSCULAR STABILIZATION from PRAGUE INSTITUTE OF REHABILITATION.

Dr. Pravin Patil is a highly experienced and qualified Chiropractor in Pune at Human Mechanic Clinic, specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. Dr. Pravin Patil has over 18 years of experience in this field with a deep understanding of the human body and its mechanics. Dr. Pravin Patil provides personalized treatment plans to help his patients recover from injuries and improve their overall physical health. He believe in fixing the problem by using simple and advance solution. Before operating for a surgical procedure, considering non – surgical treatments can help in finding a basic solution that can change the way of life.

Chiropractor in Pune

Dr. Pravin Patil - Physiotherapist & Chiropractor in Pune
at Human Mechanic Clinic


Google Reviews

meera mahajanmeera mahajan
06:05 12 Dec 23
I have back pain from last 10 years to make things worst I had an accident and started shoulder pain 😒. I could not move for hand for a month my shoulder muscles were very stiff.I have sitting job so almost everyday I m in sitting position for 8-10 hours. Recently I was not even able to sit for 2 hours and don’t even think about travel.I have visited 3-4 orthopaedic gone through physiotherapy including the famous Dr Vaze. My honest opinion Initially medical yoga worked for me but it did not have chiro to relax the spine. If you do not have severe problem it will. But u are suffering like crazy they Chiro is the way to go. It is combination of yoga, stretches, chiro and some added instruments.First day Dr Sandip, Dr. Shreya help me with some stretches, DNS exercises along with unique core exercises and Dr Pravin gel me with Chiro therapy. From second session onwards Dr Sandip helped me for Chiro therapy followed by Shock waveTissue magnetic stimulation treatment. I feel more relaxed and my muscles are not stiff anymore and back pain is reduced considerably.The best part about it is the every session have gap of 3-4 days which gives u and doctor to understand the effect better. Accordingly exercises are added or enhanced.Chiro therapy helped to relax muscles and spine, neck and overall muscles. The best thing was Dr Sandip makes sure that you are not scared of your health issues his consultation THE best. Most of the orthodontist suggested me not to bend forward and limit my activities. But here I got the confidence and assurance that I can do almost everything like gum, swimming, skipping rope, running with exception like cycling, PROVIDED I m exercising everyday.I m writing this review after almost 3 weeks since my therapy started. My back pain is reduced by almost 70-80%. I still have bit of shoulder pain but I am sure if I keep doing yoga, suggested stretches and gym it will definitely reduce.
Riya BelhekarRiya Belhekar
12:45 28 Nov 23
I highly recommend this clinic for any physio needs.As I had elbow fracture which I treated with conservative approach. But my elbow got very stiff and was not even near 90% bendable from straight hand before coming to this clinic. But pravin sir and shruti mam gave me confidence and clarity on further treatment approach, which I think was best. So Shruti mam worked very hard on my hand to get the movement return. Know I am feeling better & improved with different exercises and treatment given by her.So I am very satisfied with overall experience from this clinic and I am also thankful to all.
Anuprita BargeAnuprita Barge
08:48 09 Nov 23
Visited clinic for ankle pain. I was suffering from pain for almost 6 years and now I can feel relief in only 7 days. Consulted with Dr. Radhika Tambe. I had great experience with her, she handles patients with kindness and calmness and she is very knowledgeable, professional and kind.I’ll highly recommend her and the clinic. Also staff is good.
ruchira shinderuchira shinde
11:16 04 Aug 23
I had some back issues. Went to dr Pravin’s clinic for treatment. I had to go thru some 6-7 sessions. All sessions were great tbey gave diff treatments in every session with Dr raziya which were very effective. Chero therapy, machine therapy, and dns exercises which helped to recover fast. I would highly recommend Dr Pravin for treatment
Manisha KarnaniManisha Karnani
14:34 13 Jul 23
Sorry for the last review but today it is more than 6 months after taking treatment for severe low back pain radiating to my left leg I am perfect now and joined gym and I do exercises as well. So basically I am able to do everything and I have forgetten that I had pain ever. I took chiropractic therapy and DNS which worked like magic few sessions and I was out of pain within 15 days.Sincere thankx to Dr Radhika for her help and Dr Pravin Patil.
Vidya MahajanVidya Mahajan
11:00 21 Jun 23
A few months back I had severe pain in my knee joint due to knee joint effusion . I couldn’t walk and walk down the stairs and an orthopaedic doctor suggested me knee surgery which was complicated. But then, Dr. Pravin Patil advised me to take laser and physiotherapy sessions which greatly improved my condition within two months and my previous problems have almost ceased to exist and I no longer need the surgery. Dr. Radhika Tambe and Dr. Pravin Patil are excellent doctors who successfully treated my condition and I am more than grateful to them for this.