Leg Pain

Leg Pain Chiropractic Care

Leg pain is common occurrence; it may be the result of some medical condition also. Leg Pain can be because of some injury or inflammation of structures found in leg such as , bones , muscles, joints , tendons , nerves , skin , ligaments... Inflammation of any tissue is painful.

Some leg pains are radiated from back or lower back and felt in leg. It may also cause numbness. A blood clot in the large veins located in the abdomen, pelvis, or legs can also cause leg pain symptoms.

Some leg pains are mild which comes and goes and some will make it difficult to sleep, walk or doing simple routine activities. Some patients describe the pain as aching, throbbing, burning with some other symptoms like pins and needles sensation, numbness, weakness.

Leg Pain Treatment by Human Mechanic

So what are the possible causes for leg pain?

There are many diseases which can cause leg pain as their symptom like, Sciatica, Injuries, Arthritis, and vein related diseases. Chiropractic Therapy has cure for many most common causes of leg pain.

Leg Pain Causes & Treatment

How we can help in Leg Pain caused by various condition:


Because of misaligned spine the sciatica nerve gets compressed or pinched, which results in painful sensation in sciatica nerve which affects hip, buttocks and leg.

Human Mechanic can help by realigning the spine and correcting postural issues. This takes the pressure off of nerves and relieves leg pain.

Injuries or Leg Trauma:

Injuries from auto accidents, sports, or other traumas can cause muscle strain, sprains and tears. Tendonitis is also considered as a leg pain which is caused by long-term trauma or overuse of muscles. After trauma of any type, inflammation in leg can affect health of the entire body. Human Mechanic helps in inflammation by using a hands-on, manual approach. The spine is re- adjusted to reduce low-grade and long term inflammation which occurs after an injury. Chiropractic care can involve applying a controlled force to restricted joints to improve movement in the leg and alleviate pain.


There are varieties in types of Arthritis which are characterized by inflammation and pain in joints. Each patient has different experience in this condition some feel severe constant pain and for some pain increases while moving while for some rest is more painful.

Rheumatoid arthritis is painful even when the joints are not in use, while degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis is painful while the joint is in use.

Misaligned spine can cause abnormal distribution of weight on the joints which leads to mechanical stress. This aggravates the symptoms of osteoarthritis. At Human Mechanic your spine is realigned using chiropractic therapies and mechanical stress is reduced. Ultimately leg pain is also reduced.

If you are going through pain and restlessness in your legs since long period of time, Contact us at Human Mechanic to get ultimate care and treatment.